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This site was created because as a christian I get a lot of questions about christianity and my beliefs. The information here will hopefully be an objective look at all these questions. You will never please everyone in this world, I would love to but it isn’t realistic. So some things on here you might not agree with, but I hope you can get some useful information from it.

I try to live my life by becoming a better person every day. More compassionate, more loving and more caring. I am not perfect but I am trying. Let us all try to respect everyone and have some compassion and understanding. What would Jesus do? I think we all know the answer to that in every situation.


What Is Christianity?

   What is Christianity?  Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the son of God and is the savior of all humans. Jesus is part of the holy trinity, which consists of the father or god, the son or jesus and the holy spirit. They are separate but one.

Jesus was crucified for our sins, rose from the dead and it is believed that he will come back to save us all.

It is believed that he who believes in him will get eternal life. Jesus of course was jewish.

Jesus is the messiah foretold in the jewish scriptures. In fact christianity is the culmination of judaism.

Those who do not believe will be condemned to an eternal hell. This seems a little extreme to me and I am hoping that non believers are not treated so badly.

   Christianity is the largest religion in the world with over 2 billion followers and is in virtually every country.

Christians are basically three different groups. Catholics, eastern orthodox and protestants.

  The bible is the holy book. It is the foundation of christianity and christians believe it is the word of god.

Unfortunately there are some irreconcilable differences among the different christian groups about the core tenets of christianity. For me when someone asks what is christianity, I take a very simple approach to christianity.

Jesus is the son of god, he died for our sins and he will come back. Try to live by the “what would jesus do philosophy. I think jesus is about love and compassion.

Everything else well, whatever. There is too much hatred and jealousy etc. in the world. We humans have a lot of faults, but isn’t that what going to church is all about.

Acknowledging our faults and wanting to work on them and be more jesus like. I like to think so.

  Christians believe that God annointed jesus as our savior and that his coming and death was prophesized by the old testament.

Jesus was put on earth by God as a human. So he felt the same emotions as us including pain. When he rose from the dead he was God.

  Jesus was born from the holy spirit and was given birth by Mary. Little is known about him until his adult life. Mostly toward the end of his life.

  Although christmas and the birth of christ is probably most celebrated, Easter or when he rises from the dead is considered the most important event in christianity.

    Christianity is not so much do’s and don’ts of what is right and wrong etc. as much as it is a walk with god.

the gospel meme


So what is christianity, it is a close walk with god. It is cultivating a relationship with god. This relationship is made possible by the work of Jesus Christ and  the ministry of the holy spirit.

What is christianity well christians believe that we humans were made specifically to have a relationship with god. But sin separate man from god.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. This act erased all of the sin debt we owed and repaired the broken relationship we had with god.

   What is christianity, well christians believe that in order to be saved and enter into heaven one must place ones faith entirely in the finished work of christ on the cross.

Christians believe that Jesus died in our place and paid the price for our sins,  and this saves us. You or I or anyone cannot do anything to buy our way into heaven or salvation.

We cannot be nice enough or generous enough. There is nothing we can do because we are all sinners. We cannot do anything because there is nothing else to be done. Jesus did all the work for us.

When Jesus was on the cross he stated that “it is finished”. Meaning the work of redemption was complete.

What is christianity, according to christians salvation is freedom from the old sin nature, and the freedom to pursue a right relationship with god. Walking with god.  We can have fellowship with god and have control over our sin nature.

   Christians will be in a constant struggle with sin as long as they are in these simple bodies on earth.

However christians can have victory in the constant struggle with sin by studying and applying gods word in there every day lives. Like I was saying, be a better person every day, or at least try to.

    Jesus proved to us who he was by his deeds while he was here on earth. He healed people, created abundance, raised people from the dead.

He did these things to show us what his world is like. Which is full of joy, has no jealousy or death, or suffering. It is heaven.

   What is christianity, it is the belief that Jesus came to earth as a man, died for our sins and rose from his death to sit on the side of god. All it takes is belief.

    Jesus was baptized by john the baptist. It is a very important moment in the church.

Most christians today get baptized. It is basically saying yes I am a believer in God and christianity. To be a christian means justification.

Or being right with god. Anyone can be a christian, if you are right with him you are a christian.

  Well this is a very brief explanation of what christianity is and it is by no means the perfect description.

I am sure many religious scholars will be horrified by this article. But I find we get way to caught up in the details with this. What is it to be a christian?

What do you personally want to get out of it. For me it is about love. It is about becoming a better person, a more compassionate person. So I guess if you ask what is christianity it is love and  joy.

   Please remember I am not a religious scholar, just a man who is trying to live a good christian life. It is always a struggle, but hopefully every day I become a better person, a better christian.



12 Best Christian Movies Of All Time

Here is a list of the 12 best christian movies of all time. Yes I am an authority on movies and the go to expert. Obviously I am kidding. Everyone has there own tastes and not everyone will agree with this list. But it is a really great list of the 12 best christian movies.

There are a lot of christian movies that have been made and are being made today. Most of these are not made by Hollywood or by companies with big budgets. Religious movies for the most part are made by the christian film industry.

They concentrate the film around a christian theme to specifically a christian audience. Fortunately for us the independent christian film industry has been growing year after year. Especially after the independent christian film fireproof was a box office success.

Of course this was after the box office mega hit the passion of the christ. This film was produced by Mel Gibson and became one of the biggest independent films of all time, christian or otherwise. He had to produce it independently because no Hollywood company would touch it. And yes the passion of the Christ does make our list of 12 best christian movies of all time.

Whether you like this film or not this movie was great for all religious movies, because it showed you can make a profit from religious movies. Thus more christian movies will be made by all sorts of movie companies. This is a great thing in my opinion.

So if you love christian movies, and want more, you should be going out and supporting these religious movies. Go to the big name ones but also go to any independent christian movies you can find in your city or town.

If we did the 12 best christian movies by how the critics liked the movies, well we probably couldn’t even find 12 best christian movies. I find critics really have a bias towards christian movies or any religious movies. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to be the case.

So here are the 12 best christian movies of all time. Bold statement yes, let me know what you think.


12/  To Save A Life

Jake Taylor has everything, a great life very popular. Then tragedy strikes, a childhood friend commits suicide. Of course Jake wonders what he could have done. He finds God and becomes a christian. But this is just the beginning. Life gets in the way. His faith is tested and Jake goes on a journey, finding out just what it means to be a christian. Number 12 on the 12 best christian movies.

11/ Grace Unplugged

Grace is an 18 year old christian singer/songwriter. She is restless because she lives in a small town and is only recognized for her talent at church. Her dad had a singing career when he was younger. Grace is united with his former manager. A ruthless producer who gets Grace to come to the big city and distance herself from her family. She will struggle with her christian faith and her career choices.


10/ Miracles From Heaven

Based on a true story, the Beam family discover their young daughter is suffering from an incurable disease. As you would expect, mom becomes obsessed with finding a cure for her beautiful little daughter.  Anna the daughter has a freak accident and what ensues is quite remarkable, and inspiring. A very heart wrenching and uplifting story. This is number 10 on our best christian movies list.


9/ The Case For Christ

Based on a true story, Lee Strobel is an award winning investigative journalist. He has a wonderful family. One day his wife almost dies and a christian woman saves her life. His wife then starts to go to church on a regular basis and becomes a christian. Lee is furious because he is an atheist. He is determined now to prove that christianity is for a lack of a better term, fake. During this time, he has been investigating a case where a cop was shot and he helps convict the man who was accused of shooting the police officer. Through these events along with his investigation into christianity he starts to become a believer.

8/ The Secrets Of Jonathan Sperry

The young boys are looking forward to having a great summer in 1970. One of the boys named Dustin has a crush on a girl and wants to ask her out. The town bully also likes the girl. Dustin mows lawns in the summer to make extra money. One of his clients is a 75 year old man. They start to bond and the three boys and this old man have quite the summer together.


7/ Fireproof

Caleb is a firefighter. He and his wife have been married for 7 years but are not  getting along. Neither is aware of the other persons thoughts, feelings and pressures. They are constantly at odds with each other. His wife has finally had enough and asks for a divorce. But Caleb’s dad convinces him before he grants the divorce to go through a 40 day test called “the love dare”. Through the guidance of the test and his commitment to God, Caleb slowly begins to realize what it truly means to love his wife.


6/ Courageous

Four police officers have one calling, to serve and protect. On duty these men give it their all, but at home they struggle to be the fathers they want to be. They see their children drifting away. They know that Gods promise is to turn the hearts of fathers to their sons. When tragedy strikes at home, will these men be able to serve and protect their families. Pick number six in the 12 best christian movies.


5/ The Gospel Of John

This is a long movie, 3 hours. It is a movie that accurately portrays the gospel of John. It is divided into 4 segments. Introduction to Jesus, the testimony of disciples and the miracles of Jesus, the last supper and the crucifixion, and Jesus rising from the dead.


4/ Jesus Christ Superstar

A 1973 rock opera which has a great sound track. The movie tells the story of the last 6 days of Jesus through the eyes of the troubled Judas Iscariot. There is no spoken words in this film, everything is sung. This movie isn’t for everyone. It is one of those I loved it or hate it movies.


3/ The Ten Commandments

This movie is considered a classic by christians and non christians alike. Made in 1956 it was a blockbuster in its time and had a huge budget. Moses as an infant is set adrift on the nile river. Saved by the daughter of the Pharoah. He grows up in the court of the Pharoah but it is eventually revealed he is a hebrew, and he is banished from Egypt. He makes a life for himself and then is told by God to free the hebrews from slavery.


2/ The Passion Of The Christ

A very controversial film by Mel Gibson, the most successful religious movie of all time. It is very graphic and some would say too graphic. The movie really tries to convey the pain and suffering that Jesus went through for our sins. The movie in great detail portrays the last 12 hours of his life. It is very realistic. And it is number two on the 12 best christian movies list.


1/ The Last Temptation Of Christ

A beautiful film that is quite long, almost three hours. A great cast and a great director this is an incredibly made film. Jesus struggling as a man with all that comes with being a man, seeks to know what God has planned for him. As is journey comes to completion he must face the greatest temptation of all.