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How To Make Christian Music

Worship Music

I love christian music, I love worship music. I am not here to judge what should be song in church and what shouldn’t.  To me if you love God and want to sing about it, why not.
God gives everyone gifts, and if your gift is music then you should pursue it to the best of your abilities. 
Some people believe that Christian bands should not copy write their music because they are making money off of God. Then there is a whole movement of christians who follow the prosperity avenue.
 I don’t think they start christian bands to become rich to be honest.  Although I believe some make a good living from it, most do not and do it for the love of it.
So humans are not the same and we will never be. Love God, love your fellow man and respect him or her. 
If you are getting into christian music hoping to make some kind of living off it, do not frett. It is ok if you are thinking of it as a ministry. Everyone has to make a living somehow. You need to feed and shelter yourself and family. 
As a musician you are constantly trying to improve your craft. You are a professional and as such deserve to be compensated. 


10 Ways To Make Money As A Christian Musician


1/ Have merchandise to sell. Have a CD of your music readily available to sell. Have tshirts or hats. If you have something to sell, people will buy it if you are good. 
2/ Work with other bands. Get together with other bands that you like and respect. Work on getting a gig together. 
3/ Do free concerts outside. Go to the park and do some acoustic stuff and have your CD available. 
4/ Create your own website and sell your merchandise on your site. Include social media on your site and have a facebook page attached. 
5/ Create youtube videos and link them to your website. 
6/ When you are performing at a church make sure you ask them to handle your expenses even if you are not playing for a fee. They know that things cost money, set up and travel etc.  They will want to help you out. 
7/ Do not give away your merchandise for free. You work hard on your craft and if you give it away for free it diminishes your efforts. 
8/ Check out streaming services. Most have a christian section. It won’t make you a lot of money but every little bit helps and you might get some fans from it. 
9/  Music lessons. There are lots of people wanting to learn to play music. You can put an ad up on your local church bulletin board. 
10/  Weddings. Advertise in churches or your local craigslist etc.  People need bands for their wedding, why can’t it be you. 


Christian Music And Mainstream Music

Christian music is very different from mainstream music. The reason it is totally defined by its lyrics. No matter what type of christian music you are playing,  metal, rock, country or worship,  the lyrics are all based on your love of God and your desire to express that love. 
 So you have one subject for all christian music. Now that doesn’t mean that you cannot come up with original music but it is more difficult to come up with original material.
Could non believers sing christian music, I believe they could but I don’t believe they would be successful. You cannot fake your way through it. If you want to be a successful band or sol artist in the christian music industry, sincerity is definitely a key component. You need talent and hard work yes, but you must be sincere. 
You have to think of christian music as any other music.  In mainstream music what are the songs you really love. It is the songs that mean something to you. That bring back memories or talk about the same things that you have experienced. Things that mean something to you and give you some kind of emotion, sadness or joy. 
Christians are humans and they have problems and love life.  When writing a christian song you don’t have to make sure you put “I love Jesus” in it a certain amount of times.  You need to write a song  that means something to you. Something that happened in your life that Jesus was a part of. Or why you believe in Jesus.  Let the words flow and don’t worry about anything else. 


What kind of Christian Musician Will You Be

There are basically two kinds of christian musician and you will probably have to choose which one you want to be:
  1.  Are you doing this for ministry purposes. That is do you want to get the word of God out to not only christians but to non christians as well.  Are you looking to make converts out of the non believers. Are you looking to perform to a mainstream audience and try to convert them to christianity.  This can be a hard path to follow.  There can be a lot of negativity from non christians about being preached to, and some people really resent it. But of course it can also be extremely rewarding. 
  2.  The second type is being more subtle. More subtle with your lyrics and not just playing to christian crowds. Some would say it is a better way of getting out the message to non believers because they will actually listen. Now this type of musician is still open about their faith and does not shy away from it, but they do not try to espouse their believes unless asked.
               So you can be either a preacher or you can be planting seeds, it is up to you.  So when you are thinking of how to make christian music, this is something you must consider. 
  I do thing that it is important for a christian group to be very open about their faith. If you are going to try to be mainstream you still should be very open about your faith.  Because if you are not honest and you become popular, and people start thinking they were deceived, it would not work out well. Honesty and openness is the way to go when you are thinking of how to make christian music. 


How To Make Christian Music Successfully

  •  The first thing you need to do to when thinking how to make christian music is doing it. Ha yes simple but true. Thinking about it and talking about it, don’t get it done. Start doing it.  Take a lesson would be a great way to start. Either take up an instrument or take some singing lessons. You can find all of this online.
  • If you want to find out how to make christian music then learn from people who are already doing it. Find a great christian band that you like and not only listen to them, but find the lyrics of their songs and study them.  What do they talk about,  what makes their hits, hits.  How long are the songs, what instruments do they use.  What do you like and not like about the songs. 
  • Find other people that are like minded. Put up an ad on your church bulletin or on craigslist. Be upfront and tell them you are looking to get started. 
  • Learn how to perform in public. You will be in front of an audience. So if you are shy you need to get over it somehow.  Take some courses on  overcoming shyness or speaking in public. You might not be the front person but you will be exposed. So remember that. 
  • Find one thing that you really enjoy.  If you are just starting, check out different things.   Take some lessons in drums and guitar or maybe singing lessons.  What do you like the best.  Once you find one, get really good at it before you try to master every instrument. 
  • Make friends with musicians. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with christian musicians although this would be ideal. But the more friends you have that are interested in music the better you will become. 
  • Be persisent.  You want to learn how to make christian music, well it won’t be easy. Can you do it, absolutely.  But you will have a lot of obstacles and you will really get an appreciation for all the other christian bands out there. 
  • Get to know your minister if you don’t already.  Tell him your goal and ask him for advice. Talk to others in the congregation. The more people know you are learning how to make christian music, the better for you. 
  • Practice practice practice. You have to have some semblance of musicianship before you start performing. Now this is a fine balance. You need to get out there and play, because that is by far the best way to get better.  But you also need to get relatively good before you do perform live.  Video tape yourself first and see how you do. Now of course you are going to not like it at first no matter how good it is.  But take videos of yourself along the way and see your progression.  Once you see the progressing then it is time to go live. 
  • Take it slow. It isn’t a race. You will not be the greatest christian band in a day, a week , a year.   Set reasonable goals and accomplish them.  Don’t worry how long it takes. 
  •  When starting out you might not have enough money for great equipment. But good equipment can make you better quicker.  So try to find good quality equipment including mikes etc. 
  • If you are a  musician make sure you learn about tuning.  it will make a huge difference. 
  • Learn the basics of song writing. Song writing is a skill and skills can be learned. So taking some song writing courses. Go on youtube and find some song writing videos and take some courses, you will learn a lot.
  • Just do it. Get an instrument and take some lessons. Remember you have God to help you. 


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