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20 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Christian

Celebrity Christians

This is a list of celebrity christians. It is for fun and not intended for anything else. There are plenty of celebrities that will not be on this list I am sure. I know the “celebrity christian thing” creates a lot of controversy. As you know by now this site is about positivity and love.
I know some christians get very upset that some if not most celebrities do not meet their standards of being a christian. Of course let’s be honest, we do not really know any of these people. What we see is the sensationalism not their everyday lives. They are just average human beings like you and I. Do they have there faults and do they sin, of course. But don’t we all. There is no chirstian making statements like, “this celebrity is not god like”, that is without sin themselves. So lets relax people. Also it is great for other christians to see that the people they see on tv etc. everyday are christians.

20/ Mel Gibson

mel gibson christianThe creator of “Passion of the Christ”, the biggest box office christian movie of all time, is a devout catholic. He has proven to hollywood that christian movies can be successful and this makes him a very important person in getting the christian faith message out there. He has stated that he believes people who do not know jesus can be saved but it must be through jesus. He has been quite controversial in some of his conspiracy theory beliefs and his tirades.





19/ Jim Caviezel

jim cavezeil christianJim Caviezel is an american actor, best know for his role of Christ in “The Passion Of The Christ”. He was raised catholic in Washington and is a devout catholic who practices his religion with his wife and 3 children. He was the spokesman for the first catholic men’s conference in Boston. Among his other movies are “the thin red line”, “Wyatt Earp”, and  “angel eyes”.



18/ Denzel Washington

denzel washington christianHe is a devout christian who was born in New York to a Pentecostal minister. He reads his bible everyday and his belief is that Jesus is the son of god. He says if you don’t have love, if you don’t love your fellow man, you don’t have anything in life. I say amen to that. Considered one of the greatest actors ever, he has won two oscars. His movies include “training day:, “glory”, and “the book of Eli”.






17/ Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood christianCountry superstar Carrie Underwood was raised baptist and now attends a non denominational church. She is quite outspoken about her faith and her song “Jesus Take The Wheel” is considered one of the best christian songs ever. She has come under some criticism, (what celebrity hasn’t) stating that she is a proponent of same sex marriage. Her belief is we have to love each other and get along with each other, it is not our place to judge anybody.  I believe she is a good person with a good heart and we need more people like her.





16/ Nick Jonas

nick jonas christianNick Jonas is a solo singing artist  and actor born in Texas. He grew up in a christian family, his dad is an ordained minister. He is probably most famous for being in the band with his siblings, the Jonas brothers. They were very popular on the disney channel. Now he has a solo singing career and has a relatively successful movie career going, including the remake of “Jumanji”. He says he has a strong relationship with God and his belief is do not judge.






15/ Garth Brooks

garth brooks christianGarth Brooks is a country music superstar, from Oklahoma. He is definitely christian but I am not sure what church he belongs to. He considers the song “Its Your Song” is most christian song. Every album he creates has a dedication to Jesus. He believes we need to get God back to the supper table. He sold more albums than any other artist in the 20th century. Not too shabby.






14/ Philip Rivers

philip rivers christian Philip Rivers is an professional quarterback for the now Los Angeles Chargers. He is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He was born in northern Alabama and was raised catholic. He is very open in his faith and talks about it alot. He has been a devout catholic since he was a teenager. He married his child hood sweetheart and they both stayed pure until marriage. They have 8 children and Philip says he owes the success of his marriage to Jesus.





13/ Mark Wahlberg

mark wahlberg christianMark Wahlberg is one of the biggest hollywood actors of today. He started off as a model (Calvin Klein), was successful, then a singer (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) and was successful. Now he is a legitimate acting superstar. Born in Massachusetts, he was raised a catholic. He says that his faith is the most important part of his life, he doesn’t try to hide it but he doesn’t push his beliefs on others. Some of his block buster movies include, “transformers”, “three kings”, and “the perfect storm”.


12/ Bono

bono christianBono who’s name is Paul David Hewson is the lead singer of one of the most successful bands in history. U2 has sold millions of albums and has sold out thousands of arenas. Bono is not shy about his faith and he puts it to use every day. He is quite involved in helping humanity in any way he can. He says “when you align yourself with God’s purpose, as described in the scriptures, something special happens in your life.



11/ Chuck Norris

chuck norris christian Chuck Norris is an american martial artist and actor. Most notably with his battles with Bruce Lee in action movies. But he had a long movie career and was a real action hero. He also had a long television career with “Walker Texas Ranger”. Walker is a devout christian and has actually written several christian books.






10/ Patricia Heaton

patricia heaton christianPatricia Heaton is an american television actress born in Ohio. She is a very successful tv actress, starring on the hit tv series “Everybody Loves Raymond” from 1996-2005, and now “The Middle” which has been running since 2009. She is very open about her faith, she was raised catholic. She has talked about it openly on many occasions including talk shows. She quotes Jesus stating, don’t be ashamed of me or my word, or I will be ashamed of you at the end time.






9/ Kirk Cameron
kirk cameron christianWell I guess if you know of any celebrity being a christian it is Kirk Cameron. I don’t think any actor has been more outspoken. He grew up in California but became a devout christian while he was on the hit show “growing pains”. He also met his w ife on the set. He is an evangelical christian and trains christians in evangelicalism. He has been on many talk shows espousing his love for Christ.  For acting he seems to be concentrating now on christian movies, his latest movies include “fireproof” and “saving christmas”.





8/ Kevin Sorbo

kevin sorbo christian Kevin Sorbo is an american actor born in Minnesota. He is best known for his television role in Hercules in the 90’s. But also had another successful series in the next decade in “Andromeda”. Lately he has been concentrating mostly on christian movies such as the film “God is not dead”.  He is a very outspoken christian with conservative views, and has been on quite a few talk shows discussing his beliefs. He believes a lot of the problems america is facing today because it has become too secular.




7/ Jeff Gordon

jeff gordon christianJeff Gordon is a born again christian. He did not grow up in a christian family, but curiously enough learned about christianity and became a born again christian while driving in Nascar. He states that life is about more than winning and losing, and God keeps him balanced and shows him what the important things in life really are. One of the great race car drivers of all time, he has one 93 Nascar races.






6/ Stephen Colbert

stephen colbert christianBorn in Washington D.C. Stephen Colbert was raised catholic. He is an american comedian who had one of the most popular late night tv show on television. He gave that political satire comedy show up to become the host of the late show. He has won Emmy awards, Grammy awards and written a best seller. He was and still is to this day a Snday school teacher, and an ordained minister.





5/Faith Hill 
faith hill christianFaith Hill along with her husband have scored a christian hit with their latest single “Keep Your Eyes On Me”. She is a well known country music superstar that has won 5 grammys. Along with her husband Tim McGraw they are a country music power couple. She was raised baptist and as a teenager sang in her church. She says prayer helps her in her every day life and owes everything she has to God.




4/ Justin Bieber
justin bieber christianJustin bieber is a canadian pop singer superstar. I guess you could call him a teen idol who has a huge following and has sold millions of albums. He is a devout christian and talks freely about his christianity. He has stated that when we come to the realization that we are imperfect we can come to God for his help and guidance.




3/ Tim Allen

tim allen christianTim Allen born In Colorado, is a devout christian american actor. He is best known for his television hit sitcom “Home Improvement”. But lately for the sitcom “Last Man Standing” in which he plays a christian man. He was an altar boy as a child and he refers to God as the builder.







2/ Lady Gaga
lady gaga christianLady Gaga is a singer, songwriter superstar. Quite controversial but I think that is her schtick. She has sold millions of albums and has a huge following. She does a lot of good work for different causes and communities and seems to be a very genuinely caring compassionate person. She was raised a catholic in New York and her given name is Stefani Germanotta. In an interview with Larry King she stated she believes in Jesus.





1/ Kristen Chenoweth

kristen Chenoweth christianKristen Chenoweth is an american actress and singer, who has performed in movies, television and musical theatre. She grew up in Oklahoma, singing gospel music. She does voice over for movies and has had her own sitcom called “Kristen”.  She is very open about her faith and describes herself as a non judgemental liberal christian.

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